Month: May 2012

Fine Trout

Not too unusual but one of the nicest fish I’ve caught for a while weghing 2lb8oz. Fish of this size seem more common than they were some years ago Regards Mike


Late Sunday afternoon John Aplin calls to say the mayfly were pouring off and trout feeding, so my planned relaxing evening was quickly cancelled! I parked at the top of our water and noticed the Hon.Sec car so was already fishing, no worries there is plenty of water so I started tackling up. Only to …


The mayfly season has started with a trickle of an afternoon hatch yesterday and the trout were straight on them. This is fishing the Cerne where the eager fish took a bushy hawthorn pattern.

Cold Spring

The strange weather continues with a cold breeze blowing and full river, but thankfully is starting to clear – there was no sign of any fly life or any fish moving – time to tie some mayflies ready for later in the month….