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Water Quality & Egg Development

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Himalayan Balsam – Picking Day

This has now been cancelled – new date will be published shortly

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Himalayan balsam

Today we worked with the Dorset Wildlife Trust to clear the Himalayan balsam from the areas that the planned improvements works will be done. The first stretch was downstream of Gascoyne Bridge and after last nights rain the water meadows were well and truly watery!!

Then we headed downstream to the straight stretch under Poundbury Fort and this is when the rain started as if the Frome needed anymore water, because it was still rising!

Sarah Williams – Dorset Wildlife Trust (balsam pulling expert)

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Working Party

Tomorrow Thursday 21st June – 9am – below Gasgoyne Bridge and Poundbury – pre-enhancement work, Himalayan balsam pulling with the Dorset Wildlife Trust, please meet at Gasgoyne Bridge 9.00am (sounds like it will be wet so bring your waterproofs!)

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Members Picnic

Because of the bad weather, it has been decided to postpone the two Members Picnic dates in June and reschedule later in the season.

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Mr Otter

I was fishing upstream of the Dorchester, last night. Fished upstream to not far from where some years ago you will recall we built an otter holt. At about 8.45pm I was approaching the river bends near the holt, when I saw an otter on my bank, clearly fish eating. I approached quietly but I must have alerted the otter because it turned quickly and dived into the river, its long pointed tail clearly seen as it became submerged. I sat down and just watched, about ten minutes later on the opposite bank I could see the otter’s head only, moving upstream then downstream again, feeding. About 30 yards upstream I was using a mayfly spinner, a fish took and I measured it to be 12.5 inches long. Then I noted a gash along its flank / lateral line, had Mr Otter been at work??


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Royal Wulff

I fished on Friday and you couldn’t imagine a more perfect day for it: muggy, overcast and with no wind. The river is still quite high and strong-flowing after the very wet spell we had and weed growth seems to be good this year; quite a contrast to last season. I arrived at lunch time and things were fairly quiet with one or two mayfly showing but the odd rising fish weren’t taking these as there were a lot of black gnats on the surface and a few small olives and sedges were also showing. However, fish soon started taking the odd mayfly dun and after a slashing take a very good fish went tearing off downstream. After several minutes I managed to get him level with me and saw that it was a nice 2 lb fish but unfortunately he tore off downstream again and slipped the hook!

After this disappointing start I managed to land a few 11-13” fish before hooking a better trout which I managed to land this time at 2-5 on a small CDC emerger. After releasing the fish Dave R joined me for a few hours and promptly went one better by landing a lovely golden trout of 2-6! Shortly after Dave left the river I hooked a long fish which I honestly thought was approaching the magical 3 lb mark but although he was over 18” long, he turned out to be a very lean wild fish (see photo) that coincidently also went 2-5. This fish took a Royal Wulff and after releasing him I went on to take a couple more on the same fly.

Late afternoon/evening and I went back on to the mayfly and by this time quite a few trout were greedily slashing at the spinners. Several more fish were landed but it was by no means an easy task as they were becoming very choosy, often only taking mayfly that were hovering just above the surface. All in all a very enjoyable day and it was so nice to see the fishery in such a good condition.


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