Month: October 2012

Grayling Fishing Lesson

I have made no secret of the fact that I find grayling fishing difficult. Trout are not a problem but when it comes to grayling most of my visits to the river are a complete failure. Talking to the grayling enthusiasts in the Club who regularly catch a couple of dozen at every visit just …

Work Party & AGM Date

Saturday 17th November post season tidy River Cerne 9am Saturday 24th November post season tidy River Piddle 9am Monday 10th December AGM, Kings Arms Saturday 15th December Whitfield Hatches tidy up 9am

Crane Flies

I had a couple of great days on the river as the trout season draws to a close. Last Friday the water was slightly coloured and there were very few flies hatching, so it was a day for the nymph. It worked well, with a tiny grhe (with added tungsten of course) catching both trout …