Month: December 2012

Trout Hatchery

We collected the Brown Trout eggs earlier today from Hooke Springs and spent a while carefully seeding them into the clubs hatchery box, these eggs will hatch when the water warms early in the new year and hopefully provide a little added sport over the next few years, again thanks to Bryan and Robin for their help on a …

Work Party

The Work Party planned for tomorrow (Saturday 15th December) has been called off due to dangerous river conditions. (again!)

Trout Hatchery

Thank you to Bryan and Robin for helping me set up the club’s egg box today, the brown trout eggs will be collected from Hooke springs before Christmas. We have no shortage of water for this years project. John Aplin

Dorset Chalkstreams

The next meeting is on Friday 21st December 7.00pm in West Stafford village hall. A very informal gathering of like minded people, an evening of fishing, fly tying, second hand tackle and chalk stream chat….. Slide show “fishing” by John Aplin Open forum chaired by Charles Jardine (who cannot wait to get back for this gathering) and David …

Fly Boards

As club members or their guests are likely to see this strange looking contraption in the river from early next season , I would like to explain its design and function in advance to possibly alleviate their natural curiosity. Desgin The boards unusual plastic outriggers are necessary to prevent Otter turnover. Otters are by nature …