2013 Season

Only a few days to go before we enter another Trout season.

The UK is suffering from a pre longed winter, this time last year we had temperatures into the high 20s and this week we have had wind chill down to a balmy minus 9…

Our Frome valley is brimming with clear ground water and the Ranunculus is a brilliant green over clean gravel.

I have an inkling we could be in for a rather special season.

The Cerne and the Piddle look particularly inviting for an early season trip, but the Grannom could be a little later this year, I did see one a week or so ago and there has been the odd Large Dark Olive hatching.

Please don’t forget to get your new Rod Licence for this season. Click Here to purchase your rod licence

Our egg box hatchery was again a success due to the sheer volume of spring water flowing through the box and we had some great work parties over the
winter, a huge thank you to all the keen helpers!

I wish you all the best for this coming season, and could well see a few brave soul’s out on the 1st.

River Keeper

Whitfield Hatches

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New Members Day

New Members Day is part of the build up to the season, we walk sections of the river showing new Members parking spots and access. This year is without doubt the coldest New Members Day yet, not a fly or a rising fish was seen. There has to be a dramatic turn in the weather by the time we reach the opening day (April 1st) if we are to catch any fish – brrrrrrrrr….!

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River Piddle Work Party

Thanks to all who attended Fridays work party and reports say that the River Piddle is looking its best ready for the 2013 season.

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River Piddle

There is a work party Friday 8th March to prepare the wonderful River Piddle for the coming season. Plus, once all the work is done, John Aplin has very kindly offered to all who attend a spot of fishing for his monster grayling on his own water!!!!

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