Deep Mud Warning

Please be aware that there is very deep mud, field side of the river about 100m upstream from Giffords Pool, so best to avoid this area. If you want to fish the Poundbury Beat, it is best to walk down from the Withy Bed (field side) to the new stile and fish back up.


Please also be aware of unstable banks and that the river has also changed considerably after the winter floods, so please don’t enter the water presuming there is a nice gravel bank, because it may have been washed away!

On the positive side the grannom are hatching and fish are being caught.. So please just be careful and enjoy your fishing.


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Clouds of Grannom

Fished this morning for a couple of hours between Lower Bockhamton and the metal bridge. Caught two wild brownies, one about 9 inches, one about 4 inches and an accidental grayling about 50-55cm, clonker! All on nymph, Mary copperhead. Pretty windy and huge clouds of Grannom but only saw a couple of rises.

river frome

Shame about the rag in the bushes in the grannom shot (target for next working party!)


River Frome

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Handy Walkway

I managed to have my first day on the DFC water on Friday and was quite surprised to find the river in very strong flow and carrying a fair bit of colour. Another more pleasant surprise was to observe a very good grannom hatch; it was absolutely swarming with them!

Shortly after arrival I saw a fish rising steadily and after a few attempts landed the first fish of the day. I was using a deer hair sedge and managed to tempt several more fish on the same fly. The grannom was so prolific that my waders were covered in females at the water line and they were crawling down under water to deposit their eggs, using my legs as a handy walkway! (Sorry for quality of photo).


The hatch continued fairly consistently throughout the afternoon and early evening although I did swap to a CDC sedge pattern later in the day when fish became very fussy. In all, I had around a dozen fish, all on the dry. None were of any great size but all healthy looking wild fish up to around the ¾ pound mark. I did see some larger fish rising late evening but were unable to tempt them; it wasn’t until a little while after that I realised the fish had switched to feeding on something very small and unidentified and after a change of fly managed to land the last fish of the day on a tiny CDC emerger.

All in all a very pleasant day with nice weather and I really appreciated the new stiles and bridges as I am nursing a bad back at present! Looking forward to the season ahead.


River Frome

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Duck Broken

It’s been a long winter; I fished hardly at all last season so when I found I had a few hours unexpectedly free on Saturday, I blew the spiders out of my tackle bag and headed to the river.

Yes, I know it was raining, but the fish don’t know that. There was a steady grannom hatch which was the eventual downfall of this eager stocky (JG: looks a lovely wild one to me) after about 14 casts …Fish returned, duck broken and we’re off!

He was the only one rising, so I headed home, but I stopped to have a look Southover on the way, rod in hand of course. I can’t recall ever seeing so much water in that little river. I flicked the same grannom to a wildly rising maniac just upstream of the little bridge in the middle of the meadow and over a single strand of barbed wire and was immediately connected to fish # 2 of 2014, a foot long wild nutter, unhooked and released in-stream, so no photo but great fun …

Hope to see you soon!


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Finishing Touches

The Chairman (Bryan Sennett) hard at work with the River Keeper (John Aplin) on the second day of the season. New bridge built on the Stinsford Side Stream and a fallen willow removed on the Upper Water..











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April 1st

WOW what a contrast to this time last year! Then we had temperatures of around 6c, today it was in the twenties!!! But it did start with thick fog, luckily it was burning off as I headed to the river.


Soon I spotted a grannom hatching mid-river, but the beat I was fishing all was quiet for another hour until finally I spotted a rise and caught my first fish of the season..


After that I saw very little hatching fly and no more rising fish! But I hear through the grapevine that others were more successful on the smaller carriers & rivers.

The new stiles really did make getting around a lot easier and it is hoped Members will now explore more of the Club’s waters… Yes a great start to the 2014 season..


Caught a super Brownie; the season is off to a great start!


On Upper stretches but what a glorious day. More tomorrow, I am exhausted !!!!!


I had one of those classic long range releases, the ones we all dream about…


I had three trout (biggest about 1 lb.)


I had two brownies and a couple of instant releases on the Cerne!




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