Storm Callum

The forecast for today was a little harsh to say the least, gales touching “nine” with heavy rain….

We decided to go ahead with our planned work party on the Lower Water, die hard workers Robin and Bryan (massive thank you) keen to lend a hand, resulting in a great deal of tree trimming….

A little easier for casting in some Grayling hotspots for this coming winter.

Keep your eyes on the website for up and coming work parties.. Your Club Needs You…

Best wishes
John Aplin

October 13, 2018 by Filed under: River Work 

A Late Trout Saves a Blank

I spotted a dimple under a bank. Probably another leaf, or something falling from the overhanging branches or nettles. The afternoon had not been productive, and although I had seen plenty of fish, they had been unapproachable with the river so low and clear here. Then it happened again. Definitely a fish, and it was busy taking something. By kneeling in the margin I thought I might just about cover it with a flick. Up went my nymph and a beautiful little wild trout snatched it immediately and went crazy, leaping into the air several times before eventually slipping into the waiting net. Sometimes one is enough.

Will Bown

October 8, 2018 by Filed under: Trout Fishing