Last Cast Supper

Electric Fishing

Team Effort

A bit of a team effort at Whitfield, trimming back a little overgrown willow, great work Kev, Robin and John

Damsels and Brownies

I wasn’t expecting much from my morning session today. With the river low and clear I thought the trout would be difficult and easily spooked, and they certainly were. Although they were easy to spot all I managed to do in the first hour was send every fish bolting into cover. I found some otter …

Last Cast Supper

I have been mulling over the idea of a Last Cast Supper in October to coincide with the end of the season and well away from the Christmas period. The supper will be open to all club members and attendees of the Chalkstream meetings. When I mentioned this to our esteemed Chairman and John Aplin, …

Summer Fishing

I thought it was worth a trip to Affpuddle today, even if it is rather overgrown and weedy at this time of the year. The fact it was overcast and a little rain had fallen in the night could encourage the fish to feed. And so it turned out, 19 fish and plenty of good …


Just a quick update to let you all know that there are still a few mayfly hatching and the trout are still on the lookout for them, albeit a lot of splashy rises to the fly. Plus the chance of a evening rise, it is a great time to be along the river.

Beware ** UPDATED **

** UPDATE ** There has been a further car broken into, this time a dog walker’s car parked down by Lower Bockhampton bridge, so please take heed if you intend to park there. It is extremely rare that we have any bad news but yesterday afternoon some lowlife broke into one of our members cars …

Lost Net

A small Orvis Dark Wood scoop net has been lost on the first half of the Affpuddle Beat, please contact me if you have found it

Early trout and wet feet

My first short session on the river today and it certainly looked stunning. Blackthorn in flower, swallows over the water meadows, grannom over the water, and a few fish quickly on to them. My first trout of the season wasn’t an especially big one, but it was certainly feisty, leaping all over the place and …