A Wonderful Morning

A Saturday with blue sky, sun and no wind; I just had to go fishing! Here’s a photograph of blue sky if you had forgotten what it looks like!

Blue Sky!
Fished around Grey’s Bridge and 10 Hatches; the river was in tip top condition, almost as perfect as the weather; plus there were even a few olives hatching.
10 Hatches
Started with a heavy sushi nypmh tied on a Partridge barbless Czech nypmh hook, size 16 (approx. size 12!). The first pull was from a small brown, but I was soon into the small grayling as I approached the faster water.
Grayling Water
John Aplin came over for a chat and we will be planning a few working parties in the New year – we will announce the dates in late January.
John left and I continued to catch fish on this amazing fly. The pattern is from Slovenia and uses a most unusual ingredient – bright blue sushi!! This is blended with hares fur to produce this amazing translucent dubbing that grayling really do love…
Sushi Fly – Size 16
Blue Sushi
+5-Hatches = 10-Hatches !