April 1st 2019

What a beautiful start to the new season, weather was warm and the river in tip top condition. Although the start of the day was a little chilly to start, with a nasty easterly blowing down the valley.

Having tried a sheltered carrier, I then headed over to the main river, it was now warm and the wind had lost its bite. There in front of me were clouds of grannom flying upstream. I first thought that I had missed the hatch, but there was still a trickle still coming off and also plenty of rising trout.

Rob’s Report: I ventured out to our Affpuddle beat with Trev Stroud for our first days outing, arriving about 10.30 and met up with Paul Machin. After munching our bacon and egg rolls we started fishing. Trev lost his first fish and on his 2nd cast caught one. We saw several swallows and then the grannom arrived with hawthorns for company. Meeting up with Paul again we watched him land a beautifully marked fish. Trev had a few more smaller fish and I practiced the ancient art of fish losing. We decided to call it a day about 4.00pm, just as Steve Achison arrived. All in all it was it an excellent first day, just hope it bodes well for the season. Rob Ayles

For the first time in a good few years, I can say that the season is off to a great start.