August Dog Days

After yesterdays very welcome rain I thought it would be a great time to fish while the water has a nice tea tinge to it and thankfully not as hot as the last few days, along with plenty of cloud cover.

The River looked refreshed and certainly a lot more water than the last time I fished.

I parked under an apple tree and fished my way upstream, as usual I started early around 11am and it took until 12:30 before the fish started to rise to very small pale wateries and even smaller terrestrials.

My size 18 grhe looked huge against the natural flies, so on went a size 20 cdc pattern and a 7 inch fish took this first cast. The cdc fly was sodden, so I changed to a size 20 parachute pattern and this worked really well with some good trout coming to the net.

For those who enjoy using small flies should follow the Blog of Andy Baird who takes this facet of fly fishing  to the extreme and his fly patterns on a size 32 (yes 32) are amazing – Small Fly Funk – fly fishing in microcosm

size 20 cdc