Autumn projects

Well what a fantastic indian summer, but a little hot and bright for spectacular fishing, add to that crystal clear and low water and you narrow it down again to that good old percentage, ten percent of the anglers catching ninety percent of the fish.

John G and I spoke in detail about some more in stream projects, backed by a meeting with the managing comittee back in January, followed by a fair amount of work obtaining plans, consents and with a huge thank you to the EA, funding!

We are gradually running out of room to do any more in stream works, but this latest project takes in some of the Stinsford side stream and the construction of six flow deflectors, three willow mattress islands on the upper water, bank revetment under the poundbury railway bridge, various tree work, well more than enough to keep us busy untill November.

Constructing islands near Poundbury.

Our riverworks team hard at it.
A new island near Whitfield Hatches.

I will update the blog as progress is made, and if any of you fancy helping out please give me a ring.