Biosecurity for anglers – planning for the future

A very interesting read from Stuart Crofts, a fly fishing guide and invertebrate expert with the Riverfly Partnership, on how anglers and all water users need to act now and take biosecurity measures on board to prevent further spread of invasive species in our freshwater environment.  He has put a lot of effort into liaising with several different organisations and indivduals to present this very clear and useful report.

There are several messages for anglers/ghillies/angling associations to take away from this report and a clear and concise set of recommendations that should be taken up by these different groups.  The steps required to prevent the introduction and spread of harmful invasive species are not difficult, in fact they are really very simple and these recommendations highlight this.

“Anglers, like most groups, hate change but we must do so and lead by example if we are to protect our much loved sport and the waters we fish. Hopefully, with time, biosecurity will just become part of the culture and be as common place as washing your hands before handling food or putting on a seat belt before driving.
Think carefully on what can be done, but doing nothing should not be an option.” – Stuart Croft

To read Stuarts Full article please follow this link