Bockhampton project

Today was another leap forward for the clubs on going commitment, to conservation work on it’s fishing.

At 8am today the arrival of a 15 ton digger and a 9 ton dumper signaled the start of the creation of 207m of wet margins, Joe expertly maneuvered the machine to carve out a graded bank down to summer level, this margin should remain wet for most of the year, creating a more complex ecosystem than the one we used to have in these areas.

tomorrow the first load of 200 tones of gravel arrives at 7.30am, this gravel is going into the river to create 3 new spawning riffles, I am sure you all have seen the posts with the red crosses, well these will be riffles by the end of the week creating a stretch of pools and riffles, rather than one long glide, I am sure you will agree with me its exciting stuff!