I spent a couple of hours on the Bockhampton stretch this morning. The river was very slightly coloured after the overnight rain but very fishable. There was not so much action until about 11.30 when a hatch of small upwinged flies started. This encouraged trout to the surface in one or two isolated spots. I landed three fish between 8 and 11 inches.

There was no need for the bucket this time as the fish could be stranded on the top of a ranunculus bed and unhooked before being slid back into the river. I met two other anglers taking the opportunity to fish on a day ticket before the start of the members only mayfly season.

I did not see any mayflies but one of the visitors said that he had seen one taken by a trout. It should not be long before they are hatching in numbers but the exact timing is always impossible to predict. Will they be late because of the cold spring or early because of the recent hot spell? I hope that the fishing in Poland went well.