Brrrr it’s Cold!

After all these reports of hatching grannom and rising fish, it was time for me to join in the fun.

The weather wasn’t what I had ordered, the strong and now very cold easterly was blowing, along with overcast skies and rain, not the best conditions for rising fish!

No one at home

I walked down to the river and checked out a small hatch that sometimes has a nice fish rising, but there wasn’t any fly, so no fish. I joined the main river, it looked cold and uninviting, although the sparkling gravel and fantastic rununculas growth warmed me up.

Suddenly a BWO fluttered past, then another and another, a small hatch started which brought the fish onto rise, time to tackle up and tie on a GRHE..

The hatch only lasted 45 minutes it wasn’t the best hatch of all time, but it brought both trout & grayling to the surface. As the activity slowed down, I realised just how cold I was, so time to head home for a cup of hot tea.