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Lovely Session

The early evening was hot and sultry and the river low and clear. There were still plenty of mayflies hatching, but strangely the trout were ignoring them. Further up I noticed Blue-winged Olives and the trout were already onto them. I had a little pattern in the box in a size 18, tied with a …

Evening Rise (at last)

Had a very memorable evening fish with my good friend Adrian, who is down for a weeks fishing. We bumped into the Chairman who was enjoying the carrier, catching a few fish on a large humpy pattern. There were already spinners in the air and one rested on my rod for a while. We had …

Czech Mates

Martin, Zdenek and Vlada are Doug’s guests over from the Czech Republic and tonight they fished the Frome. We decided to fish around 10-Hatches as only one had waders, which meant that during the evening they had to complete the 10-Hatch Challenge! Zdenek almost there, while Martin & Doug wait their turn Although it was …

Evening Rise

Spinners in the air

Evening Rise

Good to see a couple of day ticket gentlemen enjoying the river, although they could have done without the battle with the wind this morning! I sneaked over to a Lilliput sized stream and found a Gulliver size trout (the evening rise didn’t materialise) Lilliput Stream but a Gulliver sized trout!

40 years now….

We had a very enjoyable visit, and although there was no great rise, spinners from 4.00 to 6.00, and sedges from 7.00 to 10.00 kept us busy. I had a beauty of 18″ 300yds up from Bockhampton bridge at 9.45, safely returned. I have known the DFC water for over 40 years now, and can …

Almost a great evening’s fishing!

Weather was perfect as I made my way 1/2 mile downstream to fish the evening rise back to the car. It was then I realised I had forgotten my glasses and spent the next 30 minutes trying to thread my fly on! Thankfully I was successful in the end and fished on up with a …

Not quite the last evening rise?

John Went to the upper water last night, found the Wrackle water-level nearly up to winter levels because of the greenery – silly me, thinking I could just walk across dry shod to the main river at the end of a dry spell in September! Hooked and lost one good Wrackle fish in one of …

Last Evening Rise?

Fished last night in some near perfect weather, with plenty of fly life about, until the temperature dipped and it then all went very quiet! Upper WaterLooking Good

River Inspection

Just back from an evenings fishing with John, it wasn’t electric, but John had a fish on a daddy long legs pattern.. John watches his fly