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Electrofishing Day

Misty Morning The morning was still but very misty as we all met at Lower Bockhampton and the expectation was that the sun would burn through later in the morning. The kit and boat were unloaded and we were ready to go. As in the past few years we were joined by Anton Ibbotson and …

Lower Water Works

The river improvement works will be starting on the 2nd October. There will be a digger on site, so fishing on the Lower Water will be effected. But please do pop along to see the work, I’m sure they will find you something to do….

Fence Removal (Day 2)

We removed a lot of the fence on the friday, and even more on the saturday, infact we completed the task by mid afternoon. The GangFence removal, easiest way to remove the old posts was to drive the old drover straight over them, a huge thank you to all those who helped make it a …

Fence Removal

First of the two day working party to remove the fence down at Lower Bockhampton. Met up with John and was good to see Dave Rabson who’s on the waiting list coming out to help. We cut through the fence and heading up to the top to work back down. We were going well, one …


Today we restocked the river with 300 11 to 14 inch fish. These were spread evenly over the Clubs waters. Many thanks to John Aplin, Peter Leatherdale and Charles Dutton for their help.

Working Party

A small working party was formed to tackle the Wolfeton Fishery. We cleared over hanging tress to provide vital light and warmth to help the weed growth. It was another cold and wet day, many thanks to John Aplin, John Streeter, Raymond Galbraith and Jim Chalmers for all their help.

River Walk

It was the Managing Committee’s annual River walk today and we certainly picked a very wet one. We walked from Lower Bockhampton, stopping at Whitfield Hatches for hot soup provided by Vicky Grindle and continued up to Gascoyne Bridge. The river looked very low and in desperate need of more rain.

Working Party

There was a working party today to clear the willows above Whitfield Hatches River Frome Dorset. It was an extremely cold day, but productive day and many thanks to John Aplin (for the curry), Jim Chalmers, Nick Assirati, William Entwisle (& nephew & dogs) CheersJohn Grindle

Groynes Downstream of Blue Bridge (1999)

Interesting things are happening to Wessex rivers. New fences are restraining cattle from damaging the banks; ingenious methods, mainly using local timber and materials are being devised to narrow the river and thus to speed up its currents; and perhaps most crucially, underwater groynes are being installed to restore some of the diversity that was …