Deer and Two Kingfishers

I started in the lower stretch at 11.00. Very few fish were rising so I decided to fish a pheasant tail nymph. Nothing came to my fly but the low clear water and the bright conditions did not help.

However, it was a fine September day and the the river bank looked quite beautiful tinged with the purple of the Himalayan Mountain Balsam. I saw quite a few good sized trout and grayling sulking on the bottom after the previous days electric shock treatment.

After lunch I moved to the upper stretch. Not much was moving here either, although I did catch a plucky little salmon parr at Whitfield Hatches and further up a couple of larger fish chased my nymph with a characteristic bow wave. I did see a deer and two kingfishers.

Despite no real fishing action it was a very agreeable last day of my trout season.

Jim Chalmers