Doug’s Fishing Holiday

Doug is a Member of the Club and fishes the waters as much as he can, but working & living in Prague means these aren’t as many as he likes. But once a year he has a weeks fishing holiday and usually brings over a fishing friend(s) from Southern Bohemia (some amazing fishing there as well!) to sample the English rivers and coast line. Here is his short summary of this years trip.

I had the first week of July booked as fishing holiday, hoping when I planned it in May that it wouldn’t turn out too hot and sunny or the river too low.

It started well, and on 30 June the Frome was in excellent shape with my guest making full use of his day ticket and catching some fine trout.

The next four days were spent in Devon, under grey skies and almost constant rain in a fairly fruitless search for seatrout (2) and salmon (0).

As we drove back to Dorset in the rain, every river we crossed was running red (Devon) or brown (Dorset) and I’d never seen the Hive Beach Cafe so empty as we made our regular coffee stop. As you know, the Frome was well out of sorts, but fortunately the sea was able to provide good sport with mullet and bass to the fly and mackerel to the barbecue, so all was not lost. By the end of the week the Frome was fishable, and a trip (in the rain) on Friday produced a dozen fish, with the river rising all the while and by Saturday the Frome was all over the bank and the fishing week was all over too…

But no complaints about the quality of the fish, just the weather!