Enjoying the Blossom


I had my first outing on the river today. I started under Poundbury at 11.00. There were quite a few Grannom around and if you looked at the river for long enough the odd trout was rising.

Before lunch I netted 5, mostly around 8 to 10 inches long but one fish was a good 1 lb. After my sandwich at 13.00 I decided to try my luck above Whitfield Hatches and on the Wrackle.

In the event this proved to be not such a great idea. In two hours of wandering around the river bank I only saw 5 fish break the surface and the majority of those appeared to be quite small. I saw nothing moving in the Wrackle and by 15.00 even the Grannom had disappeared.

The day was one with a bright beginning and a dull end – rather like the weather. Any consistently rising fish rarely refused a size 14 GRHE but I think that the challenge was to find the rising fish rather that to use a particular fly. The river looked in good condition and it was pleasure to walk along John’s well kept paths and enjoy the blossom.