Eureka moment

A collective of lapwings is known as a deceit, the same could be applied to the grayling.

For the last month i have been scratching my head as to why come dusk when the water has exploded into life that i have not caught many trout at all.  My eureka moment occurred last Sunday evening when I witnessed a lot of 1/2 pound grayling swim past me upriver, the shoal in question easily numbered 30 fish with some weightier specimens interspersed.

Recently a lot of the rises had been close together, and my fly plucked but not set, it all made sense.
The remedy was simple, armed with a pink shrimp pattern I was determined to wreck havoc amongst the shoals, within 10 minutes of starting to fish my first fish was on – what a clever fellow I am, needless to say the decent sized brownie was quickly slipped of the hook and returned – back to the drawing board !