Evening Rise (at last)

Had a very memorable evening fish with my good friend Adrian, who is down for a weeks fishing. We bumped into the Chairman who was enjoying the carrier, catching a few fish on a large humpy pattern. There were already spinners in the air and one rested on my rod for a while.

We had a chat and I continued fishing the carrier with a large GRHE and was surprised when a 10″ trout launched himself at the fly, after a short battle he was released.

In the next pool a good hefty 14″ trout took the fly. This was lot more hectic in such a small stream, I also had a few more smaller fish on my way up. I was now up to a hatchpool, always the home of a large trout. I wasn’t wrong second cast I was attached to a 2lb+ fish – this is when you think “I should have brought my landing net” – Ping he was off – dam!

I then wandered over to watch Adrian catch two good fish as the light disappeared – it had been a great nights fishing with plenty of rising fish to catch.