First Grayling Trip

A nice overcast damp day, perfect for my first grayling trip of the year and a chance to try a lethal method of grayling fishing – Duo Style!

You first tie on a a dry fly (I tend to use a parachute and colour the post red, so it is easier to see as it bounces down the riffles), then tie approx. 70cm of leader onto the bend of the hook (works fine with barbless hooks) and finally tie on a small size 16 gold head pheasant tailed nymph – Duo Style (aka New Zealand Style)

Parachute Fly

A battered Gold Head Pheasant Tail

The dry fly acts primarily as a bite indicator, but you will also catch a good number of fish on it!

I fished a few riffles and had a hectic couple of hours fishing, the grayling really liked the combination of flies, with some taking the dry, but the majority taking the nymph..

First Grayling of the day