Fish everywhere

Great memories made yesterday afternoon , rod sharing with my 16 year old son – teaching him ,( or was it the other way round ), the arts of Mayfly fishing on the upper water. He escaping from GCSE revision and me from the office . A steady hatch , an upstream wind (mostly) and fish everywhere ,crashing into the flies and rocking the banks with the waves of their rises.

We caught a few really good ones and my son rounded off the evening with a whopper from the Wrackle . What weight it was I can only guess , but it measured around 19 inches and took us 50 yards upstream. The sort of fish that made me regret that I never bother with a net- a wader full of water was a small price to pay for landing it.

My son has asked whether he can go on the waiting list -I am not surprised after a day like that ! I think I ought to take him on a hard day in april next year to give him some perspective !

All the best Andrew