Fish in a Bucket!

I had another session on the Bockhampton stretch this morning. I arrived at 10.15 to start fishing in ideal conditions; overcast, with a light, warm east wind and lots of grannom on the water.Given the conditions, not so many fish were rising but enough to provide some reasonable sport.

The first problem of the day was the realisation that I had left my landing net at home, however a solution was to hand in the form of a small bucket that I found snagged in some willow branches overhanging the river.

The bucket was soon in action. Although the fish were very reluctant to be bucketed, once they were inside they remained remarkably still, content to rest in an inch or so of water while they were unhooked and then gently slopped out back into the river. Despite a small thunderstorm and some heavy rain, fish continued to rise and by the time I had left the water at about 13.00 five trout had been bucketed and about the same number had slipped my size 16 greenwell fly before they could be scooped. None of the fish were that big, all between 9 and 12 inches in length but as aways, the biggest (about 1lb) got away.

No other members were about. Perhaps the rain put them off but for me there is nothing like a bit of fishing in the rain.