Flies for Spring

Another very wet Sunday and a few ideas for your fly box.

First on my list is of course the GRHE, these are excellent and can be used to represent the early hatching olives.


Then a few grannom patterns will be needed for the end of April when the hatches are at there best. The first pattern is made from CDC and I use the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool to produce these wonderful little flies. Demonstration of the Tool

CDC Grannom

Off course the simpler Elk Hair Caddis will work just as well; this one I have used a CDC feather for the body.

Elk Hair Caddis

If the trout are concentrating on the nymph or the emerging fly, then this size 20 gold head will be ideal and will fish just below the surface.

Size 20 Gold Head

All ready for the 2007 Season