Found Landing Net & Mayfly Report

Just back from a splendid evenings fishing, plenty of mayfly and rising fish. My guest who I shared a rod with found a rather nice net along the bank under Poundbury, so if you have lost one please get in touch with me 07535 889171.. (owner of net found)

A fat escapee rainbow I caught on Sunday!!!!

An escapee from a fish farm


The Honorary Secretary has also been out enjoying the mayfly:

I have completely indulged myself this weekend, with some of the best mayfly fishing I can remember. Not spectacular rises with fish all over the place, but lots of wandering and watching has found me some really good fish. These two are probably the best of them, both well over 2lbs and classic Frome fish. However the one I lost in the bushes yesterday morning would have trumped them quite easily.

Detatched body mayfly has done most of the catching so far, although it can be difficult to hook them – I’ll be back at the vice shortly and doing them a little smaller..