Interactive Map

We now have an interactive map showing all the Club’s water. It uses Google Maps, which makes it available to your phone and can be a great help if you are locating a parking spot for the first time and whilst fishing ensuring you don’t wander outside the Club’s boundaries,..

It shows all the known parking spots, along with information/photographs about each beat.

The fishing is shown in three colours, highlighting if fishing is on both banks or just a single bank: Light Green – Both Banks: Purple – True Right Bank ONLY: Orange – True Left Bank ONLY.

The right bank or side is always on the right side of the direction in which the water is flowing ie facing downstream, and the left bank is always the left hand side facing downstream. This is usually called the ‘true’ right bank or ‘true’ left bank.

It has been checked and double checked, but if anyone spots an error then please contact me ASAP

Link to the map