Jim’s First Day


The lighter winds tempted me to visit the river today. I started at Bockhampton at 10.45 and wandered up the river to the middle stretch above Grey’s Bridge. Conditions were good and a fair number of Grannom were about. Despite this not so many fish were rising and the majority of those that were breaking the surface were grayling.

The best part of the river was below Dead Man’s Pool. I did not see one rise above Grey’s Bridge although the middle water looked splendid and the new fence makes it a pleasure to walk the bank.

I caught one decent trout that weighed a bit over 1 lb. I was fishing with a size 14 Greenwell.

I saw no other members. When I left the water at 16.00 there were a lot of Grannom dipping the surface but no fish were moving. Perhaps they have not quite realised that the Grannom are hatching.