Jim’s Mayfly Days

I fished the river above Grey’s Bridge yesterday afternoon and this morning I fished bits of the Wrackle and the upper water. The first thing to be said is the the Mayfly, although sparse, are still on the water and the trout are still taking them.

Yesterday I caught and returned 5 fish although the strong wind and the bright conditions did not allow easy fishing. This morning was much better as the rain and cloudy conditions helped to hide me from the trout.

Not many fish were rising but a speculative cast into a likely looking spot often was rewarded with a bite. There was never a dull moment but all of the fish that I caught were between 8 and 10 inches long. The large number of small fish that I have caught with very few wild fish above 1lb has been a feature of my Mayfly season.

Jim Chalmers (Hon.Treas)