Last Fish

Home quickly this evening to get changed into my fishing gear and straight down to the River for my last fishing trip of the season.. As I was getting ready a car pulled up and two old gents got out – fisherman. They were old members who were fishing on a day ticket, so I let them go upstream and I walked down to the Withy Bed.

Railway Bridge

River was stained from the rains and it was decidedly chilly. No fish stirred, although hopes were raised at the sight of two pale wateries drifting by. I managed a few small fish in the shallows, one was a silver bright grayling.

On up under the railway bridge, still nothing was moving, but I managed to attract a couple of fish to rise to the size 16 GRHE. My last fish of the season was caught at the head of the long pool; my stomach told me it was ready for dinner so it was time for home!

Last Fish & my trusty Gunnison (Ross Reels)