Lost Fly Box?

What a beautiful bright day. I headed for the lower beat thinking there would be more water there. Strong winds got up early in the afternoon and lasted until about 6pm. No sign of hatches really, just a few small sedge. I met two very friendly members, one on his way back, the other and his guest who were headed to the (more sheltered) wood section. I had to work hard for a 9″ grayling on a CDC emerger, then lost a similar sized (but plump) brownie on bead-head PTN (all I could cast with the wind at this stage).

At dusk, after the wind had died down, I started wending my way back through the balsam of the woods, past the hut and following the meanders downstream, retracing my route. I had a few rest stops along the way, and was rewarded at one by the sight of a roe buck coming down to the river to drink – across the bank from me and oblivious until I startled him, crashing into the dense undergrowth.

At a last stab attempt, I had a small brown on a sedge tugged across the top. I had seen only three bigger fish during the day, but they were too inaccessible to reach without waders.

During my downstream return trip, I picked up a small black “fenwick” slot-foam fly box (with nothing more than 3 daddies in it – one for the tree, one for the bush, and one for the fish :O) from the long grass. If any member can lay claim to this, just email me at dorsetjakey@gmail.com , and I shall post it out to you