Loud’s Mill fish pass

Well the project is very much in its final stages with the majority of works having been completed. Dawnus have spent the week finishing off various pieces of work including, the fitting of the mesh flooring over the fish pass, installing the lighting box for the video equipment and fitting out the new kiosk. This has included having the power hooked up and turned on.

On Monday the divers will be back in to cut the sheet piles in front off the fish pass, with a temporary stop log being installed to keep the fish pass dry (for now). On Thursday the trash boom is being delivered and this should be installed by the end of the week. On Friday the divers will be back to install the GRP extension to bottom of the fish pass that will hold one of the PIT tag aerials. As long as this work all goes to plan the temporary stopped log is scheduled to be removed next Monday (11th) and the water will flow down the fish pass for the first time. If anyone would like to attend the site while this is happening then please contact me first.

Dawnus are then aiming to finish on-site and by completed by the 15th.

We (that is a colleague and myself) will be back on site with the supplier of the PIT tag equipment to install it at the beginning of September. In the meantime though we should have the video equipment up and running to see if any fish choose to use the pass in August.

I’ll send a final update when the water flows (so to speak).

Andy Martin
Fisheries Technical Specialist