Lovely Session

The early evening was hot and sultry and the river low and clear. There were still plenty of mayflies hatching, but strangely the trout were ignoring them. Further up I noticed Blue-winged Olives and the trout were already onto them. I had a little pattern in the box in a size 18, tied with a turkey biot body and blue dun hackle, and with the finest tippet I could muster, up it went.

A heavy trout snatched it without hesitation, and after an angry tussle eventually came thrashing into the net. A beautifully coloured fish of ample proportions. But it was impatient for its freedom, and after a quick and rather difficult record shot, away it went. Plenty of damsels everywhere, and kingfishers, and a few more small trout too. A lovely session.


A decent trout to a BWO

Blue-winged Olive

BWO Dun female