Mayfly – Day 2

At last a cooler start to the day and first we had to clear up at 10 Hatches. Unfortunately we hadn’t been invited to the party, we were just left to clear the mess!!! (Many thanks to Adrian for his help)

Dam Another Empty One!

He also showed me the shucks stuck on the hatches, from the previous nights caenis hatch, it must have been an amazing sight.

I fished up from the Lower Water again and although conditions were good the mayfly hatch seemed to very light (has it all finished?), but the trout were still keen to take the fly.
Moved on up to the Upper Water and the temperature started to rise and so did a few more fish.

I see a rise at the end of the tunnel!

On my travels, I bumped into Merrily fishing the Carter Water, she was targeting some lighting quick grayling…

Time to head for home, but couldn’t resist taking a photo of the wonderful display of Ragged Robins.. Another good day on the Frome…