Men from Southern Bohemia

This evening I had the great pleasure to fish with 3 fishermen from Southern Bohemia, who were guests of fellow member Doug Pritchard.

Doug & Thomas fished the Lower Water, while I took Vlaldi & Martin up to Whitfield Hatches. Martin fished up above the hatches, while Vladi and I walked down under Poundbury. It was another wonderful still evening, the horses flies where a nuisance while we tackled up, but one sight of Vladi’s Czech nymph box and they were off!

Real Czech Nypmhs!

There where no fishing showing at first, although we spotted plenty through the crystal clear water. We split up and fished up towards the railway bridge. It was one of those nights for bad casting and hooking into everything other than fish!

By the time we reached the railway bridge it was almost 9:30 and fish were starting to show. Vladi had 4 fish from the shallows, but I hurried him up to a pool with plenty of rising fish. I dropped in above him and quickly caught 6 fish up to 30cm before I lost my fly had had to stop. Martin came back down and he had caught a wonderful 42cm trout from above Fisherman Hut – so it was a successful evenings fishing trip. We all then met at the Sun Inn (inculding Evona) to wind down and a few pints of Butcombe..

Vladi in Action