Mixed Fortunes

Another little spell on the river today, and plenty of Grannom again, but risers were distinctly difficult to find – or was that because I followed several other members upstream!

A little group of three would have nothing to do with me, despite offering them a varied menu, and eventually the antics of an agitated family of Mallards put them down. The next was a good fish. It was busy taking Grannom, and moving freely to get them, but surrounded by so many naturals, it stubbornly refused to look at my artificial wherever I dropped it.

Eventually I found a more obliging individual in a quiet corner beneath some willows. A little flick upstream and he was soon being welcomed into the waiting net. Not a huge fish but a well-marked and pretty one. Another hour only offered a couple more rising fish, both of which proved to be stubborn, and after quite a few half-hearted snatches, (and changes of fly), I left them to it and turned for home, telling myself how satisfied I was with my single pretty fish.