No mayfly seen


I fished the upper water and the Wrackle this morning. A few fish were rising in places and it was not long before the first stock fish came to the net. Six fish were caught on the main river, three of which were stock fish. The native trout were all of a modest size between 9 and 11 inches in length. I did manage to catch the only trout that I saw rising in the Wrackle. By the time I finished at midday I saw only one Mayfly. I met no other members. All of the trout were caught on a green and black nymph.



I was fishing below you and had a great mornings fishing. There was a steady hatch of pale wateries and the trout & grayling were feeding well – no mayfly seen.

River very low and hardly any weed growth, which is amazing after the huge growth of weed we had last season!

Cheers John