I fished the lower stretch on Friday evening from 2000 to 2200. For the first time ever on the Frome I had a go at nymph fishing. I used a size 18 gold head pheasant tail nymph. My expectation was that I might catch some grayling and indeed it was a grayling that first had a pull at my fly.

Encouraged, I continued to fish by casting up into likely looking spots.

Suddenly I was aware of a bow wave from a trout swimming downstream towards me and then too late I realised that it had taken my nymph and I had missed it. The next encounter was with a couple of rising trout only a few metres apart, both had a grab at my fly and both were missed. Again I saw that characteristic bow wave as the fish made a dash for my fly.

I had originally planned to switch to the dry fly once the evening rise started but I was so fascinated by this new experience that I persevered with the nymph. In the course of the evening I had lots of takes and eventually I did land a very nice 12 inch trout. Quite a few fish escaped after a short tussle and I am not sure whether I had a problem with my timing or because the fish may be approaching a small hook from an oblique angle and a large number of misses are inevitable.

In any case, it was very enjoyable and one surprise was that almost all the fish that I turned over were trout.

Tight lines,