One Lucky Member

I see the Frome is out of bounds until the preventive measures can be relaxed. In Czech we are lucky that fishing, hunting and beekeeping are all considered sufficiently agricultural to remain permitted activities for the time being (with compulsory mask), so I was able to get out on our opening day, April 16th. I did see some other members of our fishing gang on the riverbank, otherwise it was very quiet apart from the birds signing in the trees.

With bright sunshine and low water I didn’t manage to hook anything on the dry fly, missing several takes, but did land half a dozen small trout and a grayling to the nymph. So for some of us the joys of spring are still open. In some ways I am glad not to be holed up in Dorset, it would very frustrating to be able to walk along the riverbank but not cast a fly.

Still, you will enjoy it all the more when the time comes, and like you, I have had plenty of time for fly-tying now I am ‘working’ from home.

All the best, hope everyone stays well and there will be tight lines for you all soon!


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