River Conditions

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Today we restocked the river with 300 11 to 14 inch fish. These were spread evenly over the Clubs waters. Many thanks to John Aplin, Peter Leatherdale and Charles Dutton for their help.

May Day Bank Holiday

River look slightly coloured after some overnight rain as I waited for my guest to arrive at Whitfield Hatches. We started at Whitfield Hatches and fished on up, very cold wind and there were no fly hatches. So we switched to a small nymph and enjoyed fishing the riffles.

Young American

A young American (David Kuttner) who is studying in Rome came over for a days fishing on the Frome. I met him from the train and took him on a quick tour of Dorchester, but the lure of the river was too great and we were soon tackling up in Loders lay-by. It was still …

Easter Sunday

Parked up at Gascoyne Bridge and walked down the otter holt corner. The warm weather was quickly gone as the sun disappeared! But the grannom were showing and the trout very interested in my GRHE grannom pattern. Fished back up to Gascoyne Bridge and landed 12 fish, nothing big, just great fun.

Fishing Trip

River fine, but still a very cold wind and the lack of weed is worrying. Fished up from the by-pass at Whitfield, fishing a small gold head (size 16), landed a 2lb+ grayling in the first pool above the by-pass. Caught another 3 small trout up to Whitfield Hatches. A few fish were then starting …

Opening Day

First day of the season – it was a bright sunny day but with a very cold wind. Started on the River Cerne which looked very low, but a few fish were showing to an odd hatching grannom & olives. Caught four small trout and decided to try the main river. Parked up at Whitfield …

Working Party

A small working party was formed to tackle the Wolfeton Fishery. We cleared over hanging tress to provide vital light and warmth to help the weed growth. It was another cold and wet day, many thanks to John Aplin, John Streeter, Raymond Galbraith and Jim Chalmers for all their help.

River Walk

It was the Managing Committee’s annual River walk today and we certainly picked a very wet one. We walked from Lower Bockhampton, stopping at Whitfield Hatches for hot soup provided by Vicky Grindle and continued up to Gascoyne Bridge. The river looked very low and in desperate need of more rain.