River Frome Rehabilitation Draft Plan

The Draft Report of the River Frome Rehabilitation Plan is now available for public consultation. The Draft Report is available electronically at www.environment-agency.gov.uk/Frome or hard copies can be viewed at the public libraries in Wareham and Dorchester between 1st November – 1st December. The River Frome has many interest groups and to help us ensure that key local issues are addressed and agreed by as many groups as possible in the Final Plan we welcome your views on this draft report.

The River Frome Rehabilitation Plan is being undertaken to provide, on a reach by reach basis, proposals that should help the River Frome Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) move into favourable condition.  The plan aims to improve the physical condition of the River Frome SSSI allowing the river to exhibit natural processes which in time will enable the river to support, in good numbers, the range of habitats and species that are part of the SSSI designation, such as Atlantic salmon, water crowfoot (Ranunculus) and Cettis warblers.

Your response

Throughout the consultation we will look to make all comments (excluding personal information) publicly available on our website. This includes comments received online, by email, post and by fax.

How to respond

There are a number of ways you can let us know your views.

Online – at www.environment–agency.gov.uk/frome


By email or letter – You can submit your response by email or letter, using the contact details below.

Organisation: Environment Agency

Contact Name: Alasdair Maxwell

Contact Email: alasdair.maxwell@environment-agency.gov.uk

Contact Telephone: 01258 483460

Other Contact Information: Rivers House, Sunrise Business Park, Higher Shaftesbury Road, Blandford DT11 8ST

What happens next?:

The Plan will remain on the internet until 1st December.  If you do have any comments please make sure that we have received them by 10th December, and they will be acknowledged and considered in the Final Plan. This process will allow us to identify what the biggest issues are for implementing the plan and where in the catchment they are located.