Just a little update on our latest projects, we have had some rain over the last couple of days which was great for showing us the flow around our new islands, so we did build them in the right places.
The bank side revetment we have done up at Poundbury will hopefully collect lots of silt over this coming winter and in turn create a wider fishing path.

We have all the posts in place for the six flow deflectors on the Stinsford, these now need to be woven with some willow.

As the first of the autumn rains hit the Frome, it was reassuring to see the wildlife taking full advantage of one of the new islands.

Elliot happy in his work weaving willow, and thinking about going fishing ….one day….

Only five days left of this current Trout season, the rain we had last night has coloured the river, but the forcast is kind for the early part of next week.

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