Sedges tweaked

With the nights starting to draw in I decided to use one of my precious day tickets as the thought of having one left over at the end of the season just seems like a terrible waste. A phone call to Mr Aplin resulted in some good pointers on where to go and a bigger surprise that the big fella was going to crack open his one weight and join me on the river!.

As we started fishing on the Lower Water conditions could not have been worse, a strong wind, low water levels and a real lack of flow thanks to the recent weather made me question my sanity. My nymphs were being ignored by every trout and grayling that they passed and I had not seen a rise in two hours of fishing, even John with his wealth of knowledge and silky smooth casting had not managed a fish.

We met up after a couple of hours of struggle and had a chat about all things fishing including how I used to catch a lot on of trout on the Brit and Asker using sedges tweaked strongly under the street lights. With the light fading we both put on a sedge and John took five fish in quick succession. With the code cracked we knew where we wanted to be and in fast fading light hot footed it towards our favourite spot. John continued to catch but with me still on a blank he let me head up to the bridge above him on the beat, my change in fortune was instant ending up on seven trout including one very nice wild fish all falling to the tweaked sedge. We finished at by a bridge catching and missing trout under the street lamp evoking fond memories of learning to river fish back on the Brit all those years ago. Thanks to John A.

Best Regards,
Ben Assirati