Spotted a Mink

I had another couple of hours on the river this morning in light rain and a blustery wind. Rising fish were once again hard to find, but eventually I spotted one busy under the far bank and before long he reached the net safely.

As I ambled on up river I spotted a Mink on some vegetation that had gathered mid-stream. It soon slipped into the water and came out on the far bank before disappearing. I gave it little thought, having seen my share before, and continued on. Further up, as I surveyed a likely spot for any sign of fish, I became aware that I could hear the mink in the reeds opposite. I fumbled for the camera, and a moment later to my astonishment, it came across the river and through the dripping vegetation and stopped, partially hidden, eighteen inches from my boot. I could see its black, wet fur glistening, but not its face. In a moment it sensed that I was there, and was off. I hit the shutter and got this record shot as it went.

I did eventually find another decent trout rising occasionally, but annoyingly, it was right under some low branches. I had to shorten the leader down to just six feet to cope with the gusts, and after some effort got the fly, a Pheasant Tail to him, and he had it first time. Another lovely fit River Frome trout that soon swam off strongly. No more could be found, so I made my way homewards for a welcome mug of hot coffee.

Will Bown