Suspiciously fat stomachs

The AGM for me is not just the Annual General Meeting, but time for Another Grayling Mission (weather permitting). By AGM day the snow had gone, the water had cleared and the sun was shining, but it was still extremely cold.

Things were very lean to start with, the only signs of life being snipe and cormorants, the latter having suspiciously fat stomachs for the time of year.

Fishing continued to be slow, with just the odd ‘take’ from weed or bottom to keep the interest going. Finally a quick lift as the nymph stopped and this time it was a fish, fighting hard in the current. Back it went, soon followed by several others, with the two best fish close to 2lbs. I might have had more, but it is hard to fish with the line frozen in the rings and both hands in your pockets to protect them from the biting north wind.

Now it’s your turn to get back out in the cold!

All the best,