Swallows and Olives

What a week weather wise, snow, rain, gale force winds, sunshine and its not even April….

There is a hint of spring, yesterday was warm, and today we saw two Swallows, a Butterfly, lots of Olives and a rising fish.

What a great place for an office…

The last gales caused a certain amount chaos, bringing down some large Willows between Fishermans Hut and the Otter Holt and one large Willow at Wolfton (another fabulous beat, what a portfolio the club has!), rather than just a tree clearing exercise, we managed to produce some rather fine Trout cover as you will see once you venture out in the coming season..

Something else to tidy up…

Saftey first!

New homes for the Trout

I completely drowned the chainsaw today, but with a stroke of luck managed to dry it out with the Land rover heater while having an early lunch, 20 Min’s and it fired up first pull….

More tree work at Wolfton

We have been busy (many thanks Elliot for your help) over the last few weeks, fencing, various tree work, seats, strimming, today we cleared a pool, that only the finest of casters dare fish, a four pounder on a large Sedge at last light lets wait and see, I promise you no one has cast a fly here for many years if at all.

Great news Simon Johnson fencing contractors start fencing at Ten Hatches on Friday…