Sweetcorn Fly


I had a couple of grayling trips on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 Jan (yes it was cold).

On Sunday I didn’t have much time and was struggling to find any fish, when a good-sized grayling hit the nymph hard, raced across the stream and jumped out of the water, so I could estimate it at around 14 inches. Shortly after that, it slipped the hook, so I couldn’t get a photo or indeed notch my first catch of the New Year. Instead, the only welcome ‘bar of silver’ on the riverbank that day was my thermos flask, so here is a photo of that.

On Monday I tried another spot, where there are always fish, but could not get a take despite running a variety of nymphs through the pool. This called for desperate measures, it was time to try out the “sweetcorn fly”. On its first drift, to my immense surprise, a large fish hit it hard, but with the fly being so bushy, it failed to hook up! After that, I couldn’t get anything to look at it, but did make contact with 3 smaller fish on more conventional nymphs (again, all slipped the hook, so I am blank so far in 2010). Thus no fishy photos, but one of the fly, and I’m sure the sweetcorn fly mark 2 (once my brother has tied it) will prove a winner next time out.

More to follow, unless the season runs out before I can get back down to the river.

All the best, Doug