Sweetcorn Fly


I didn’t manage to get out fishing on Christmas or Boxing Day, but made it to the river at last with my brother John on 27th December.

As you know, the water was high but relatively clear, so we were hoping to catch on the 5# rod with a heavy nymph. It took 3 casts to find the first grayling, which managed to release itself after a short fight. Another soon followed, and then a third. Despite the cold, it was looking like a promising day, until the bank gave way and my brother took a swim (sadly no photo of that). I suggested he might want to try the Weymouth harbour race next Boxing Day instead. Anyway, he is still speaking to me and has tied me a new secret weapon, the sweetcorn fly, which I hope to test later this month. Will send you a photo if it works.

On 28th I saw that another member was out nymphing on the Bockhampton stretch, so I hope you get a further report of grayling to the fly.

Good luck and tight lines to all in 2010.